5 Point Plan to help you stay on the right track when starting a new business. 2

5 Point Plan to help you stay on the right track when starting a new business.

5 Point Plan to help you stay on the right track when starting a new business. 3When you’re starting a new business, it is easy to be swamped by the huge amounts of work that is needed to get the job done. Especially if you’re starting this business from scratch and investing your own time and money into the project it can seem like there is always ‘one more thing’ to do before going to bed. However, if sometimes you feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends and working well into the night but not necessarily at your best, then this article is for you. Here are 5 tips to helping you stay on top of your game and maximise your productivity.

  1. Scheduling and timetabling

Now this might seem like a ridiculous and obvious tip but honestly it isn’t. If you are self-employed or starting your own business, you don’t have normal working hours. All hours are working hours. This makes it really easy to never switch off and to constantly be reaching for your phone to check your sales, profits or networking circle. It is also easy to find that when you’re not working you feel guilty because you feel like you should be. Switching off becomes a thing of the past – even when you aren’t doing anything. The guilt consumes you in every relaxing moment spent with family or friends. Scheduling allows you to switch off and achieve the most within your allotted time. During that time switch off from family calls and Facebook – after that time you are free to do as you wish! Make sure you timetable tasks and switch off when they’re ticked off. People work in different ways so choose a method that works for you. You can choose an allotted time to work or an allotted task to complete – but if you stick to it you’ll b more productive during work, more motivated to get the job done and most importantly, enjoy your well deserved down-time!

  1. Lists

5 Point Plan to help you stay on the right track when starting a new business. 4

Often when faced with a huge task like starting a new business the task can start to feel overwhelming. Sometimes it is difficult to know what to get done first. Make a list and start to organise your thoughts. Once that’s done you can start to categorise your list based on different categories such as order of importance, urgency and time required to completion. That way you can select tasks that are suitable for your particular day. And all those jobs you’ve left for another day? You’ve chosen to leave them because you selected more urgent and important tasks and they’re on the list! So you can relax and not try and conquer Everest all in one day.

  1. Legal etc.

When you have a brand new start-up you aren’t always sure it’s going to go anywhere so it’s easy not to take the appropriate measures to ensure that your documentation is clear and up to date. Often these things don’t feel urgent and so you feel like you can get to it at some point in the future once the business properly takes off etc. Believe in yourself! Many a small business has been scuppered by Trademark issues or Tax returns that become unstuck. Make sure all the small details and loose ends are tied up nicely before you invest marketing money in a name that might be taken or copyrighted. Make sure you keep your paperwork and you’re up to date because your small business deserves the best shot!

5 Point Plan to help you stay on the right track when starting a new business. 5

  1. Wellbeing

You’re embarking on an amazing journey and it’s easy to feel that you need to put in your all at all times. The truth is that those who work longer don’t necessarily work harder or work better. Work smarter rather than longer by increasing your productivity. The best way to do this is to ensure that your mind is sharp and focused. Take time to sleep properly and identify when you are most productive. Some people work better in the morning and some better late. If you’re a morning person set your alarm half an hour earlier and go to lunch half an hour earlier. You may not have worked longer but you’ll work better if you tend to fade near lunch time. If you need a little 10 minute tea break then give yourself one – especially if you know you’ll work better after it. Remember, your business relies on you – your entrepreneurship, creativity and hard work so treat your mind and body like the work tool that it is and ensure it is fed and watered well.

  1. Enjoy the journey!

Lastly, make sure you’re still enjoying it! Starting a new business is an exciting, exhilarating and amazing journey. Enjoy every moment of it as you put your vision into action. Remember that your small start up or new business idea has brewed for a long time. Remember that when you’re feeling frustrated. It takes time to be successful and there will be knock backs – but with perseverance and positivity you can make it succeed. Enjoy the challenge and new opportunity and take pleasure in every small step in the right direction.

So there you have it 5 tips to help you towards your business success. Hope you enjoyed the read – Visit our main site to get business comparison quotes for your business and save up to 40% on products such as a phone system or a card machine to take payments.