Launched an online ecommerce store. Here is how you get your first visitors... 2

Launched an online ecommerce store. Here is how you get your first visitors…

For many online startups one of the main issues they face after they launch their new website is getting visitors through the search engines such as Google. This can be a long wait and unless you are an Search Engine Optimisation guru getting traffic through organic search in the first 6 months of your website can be extremely difficult.  This can be taxing on many business owners. You spend months getting your online store ready for launch and after the excitement of launch you are left in. dismay as nobody visits your website. Luckily If faced in this situation there are ways you can still drive traffic to your site. Below we will list the top 3 free tactics your business should implement todrive traffic and generate ecommerce sales without organic traffic from the major search engines.


Get active on all social media platforms. It’s really simple!


Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are widely used by websites to promote their products and services to a vast audience that sit on these platforms. Social Media plays a key role in branding, awareness and sales. If you haven’t done already get yourself an account for your ecommerce store on all the major social media platforms. The platforms are easy to pick up even if you are a novice. Post regularly promoting store items, blog post and anything you think is worth sharing to your target audience. Doing this will ensure you pick up new customers as well as driving visitors to your website. Small learning and with the right social media strategy your business will definitely benefit. Let social media buzzwords like “Like”, “Follow”, “Tweet” & “Pin” into your business and you will never look back.

Find established content sites in your niche and offer to write a guest post on their blog 

Reach out to websites in your niche and ask the to place content about your new website to be published on their site. Many web owners are open to allowing another website to guest post on their blog as long as the content is of value to their username. Guest posting on established sites that already have traffic can be a big boost to any new site. Not only will that sites send referral traffic to your online store but also having your website mentioned on an external website will also improve your rankings in the search engines.


Use the big online shopping marketplaces (Ebay & Amazon) They have loads of traffic.

Have you tested your products in your store? Do you know what price the items should be sold for and which ones will be your top selling? If the answer is no take this time to promote and test your products on already established shopping websites such as eBay and Amazon two of the biggest traffic websites in the world. Think of it like a test spin. Pick several products you see as your top sellers, list them on both platforms and see if there is demand in the market and hunger to buy the product you are selling. In doing this you will learn alot about your products as well as the best price point to sell them at.


Take action now…

So there you have it our top 3 way to get traffic to your website whilst waiting for Google to show you some organic love in their search engines. Use social media, partner with similar sites that have the same target audience as you and make use of the big shopping sites eBay and Amazon. When your website kicks off you may need a payment gateway provider. You can compare the prices of the top online payment gateway providers today (click link).