Compare Leading ePOS Providers for Small Businesses

The Best Touchscreen Tills for Small UK Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide 1


In today’s rapidly evolving retail environment, the right point-of-sale (POS) system can make a world of difference. Gone are the days of the clunky cash register; now, the modern business owner enjoys the benefits of sleek, efficient, and intelligent touchscreen tills. With the UK’s SMEs contributing over £2 trillion annually to the economy, it’s clear that these businesses deserve tools that can keep up with their dynamism. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the world of touchscreen tills, highlighting the best on offer and explaining how they can benefit small businesses in the UK.

1. EPOS Now
The Ideal Blend of Design and Functionality
EPOS Now is not just a till; it’s a full-fledged retail management system. Launched in 2011, by 2017, this system was powering over 30,000 businesses in the UK. One of its primary selling points is its cloud-based functionality. Business owners can track sales, inventory, and customer data on-the-go, giving them unparalleled flexibility and oversight. Plus, with integrations available for leading accounting software and e-commerce platforms, it’s a holistic solution for small businesses.

2. iZettle Pro
Specialised for the Hospitality Sector
A branch of the iZettle family, iZettle Pro, is crafted specifically for cafes, bars, and restaurants. While the standard iZettle is excellent for payments, Pro takes things up a notch. Its monthly subscription includes not just the software, but also regular updates, ensuring businesses stay ahead of the curve. Notably, its ability to split bills and add service charges make it a favourite in the hospitality industry.

3. Square Point of Sale
Efficiency Meets Affordability
Square, launched in 2009, has rapidly become a dominant force in the POS world. Its free software model is particularly appealing for small businesses with tight budgets. By 2018, Square’s POS system was processing transactions worth over $20 billion annually. Its real-time analytics is a standout feature, helping businesses adapt swiftly to changing customer preferences.

4. Shopify POS
E-commerce Giant’s Foray into Physical Retail
Shopify, primarily known for its e-commerce platform, surprised many by introducing its POS system. It’s designed for businesses that straddle the line between online and offline retail. With over a million businesses using Shopify globally, its POS system promises the same reliability and efficiency. The unified platform ensures stock levels, sales data, and customer info remain consistent across channels, a boon for businesses managing multiple sales avenues.

5. SumUp
Tailored for the On-the-move Business
Launched in 2012, SumUp is a godsend for businesses that aren’t tied to a physical location. Their affordable and mobile touchscreen till solution integrates with various apps, allowing for a customised POS experience. It’s especially notable for its ability to process payments in over 130 countries, making it ideal for businesses with international clients.

6. TouchBistro
Crafted with Restaurants in Mind
Understanding the fast-paced environment of restaurants, TouchBistro combines a reliable POS system with a touchscreen till built for speed. Its tableside ordering system ensures reduced wait times, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Touchscreen Till:

  • Integration Capabilities: Modern businesses use a plethora of software systems. Ensure your till integrates seamlessly, especially with crucial systems like inventory management and accounting.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface is paramount. The faster your staff can adapt to the new system, the smoother the transition will be.
  • Customer Support: Given the vital role of tills in operations, top-notch customer support can be a lifesaver during crises.
  • Cost-efficiency: An ideal POS system is a balance of quality and affordability. Ensure you get the best value for your money.

For small businesses, the retail landscape can be challenging to navigate. The right tools, however, can level the playing field. Touchscreen tills, with their array of features and benefits, have become indispensable for modern retailers. In the competitive UK market, where small businesses form the backbone of the economy, investing in the right till is not just a choice—it’s a necessity. By understanding their unique needs and researching the best options, small businesses can ensure they’re equipped to face the future with confidence.