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Sage Pay Card Payment Services for Businesses Reviewed



Sage Pay processes millions of secure payments for businesses every month. They provide card payment solutions that allow businesses to take payment in store, online or on the go.

“Integrated payments made easy.”

A lot of small businesses are currently benefiting from using Sage Pay. Businesses need a way to take card payments and SagePay  which was founded in the UK in 2001 and are one of the leading merchant account providers in the country.

“Whether you’re looking to stay one step ahead of the game with mobile payments, you’re looking to get paid faster, or you need multiple payment methods, we have a solution that can help your business.”  – Sage Pay UK


 What Payment Solutions do Sage Pay provide



Sage Pay “provide fast and secure payments with high performance card machines.”

Sage Pay offers three package deals:

  • Integrated PED (payment solution);
  • Integrated Terminal;
  • Cloud Connect.

Sage Pay ensures that businesses are provided with card machines that accepts a range of payment methods, provide fast and efficient transactions, and are easy to use. What is even better is that it is available for businesses to start using at a competitive price of just £13 per month!



Sage Pay allows customers to make payments over the phone using a secure and trustworthy system.

“Take payments quickly and securely with our Virtual Terminal”

Sage Pay offers two package deals when it comes to phone payment solutions:

  • Corporate;
  • Small Business Solutions.

Again, Sage Pay can be used to ensure that your business never loses a customer by providing a high quality payment solutions to make their payment experience effortless.



One of the biggest products that Sage Pay offers small businesses is secure online payment gateway. Whether you want to take online or PayPal payments using the secure gateway or set up an online merchant account Sage Pay can facilitate.

Below we have quickly provided a breakdown of the services Sage Pay offers businesses:

  • Online payment solutions;
  • Face to face payment solutions;
  • Phone payment solutions;
  • Invoice payment solutions.



Here at Sage Pay, you can start taking online payments quickly, simply and securely. “Get your business growing by accepting payments online quickly & securely. You’ll get everything you need from Sage Pay with no hidden fees.”



As you can see, Sage Pay can cater to both small and large businesses. Whether you want to grow your business or want to a secure way to take card payments from your customers Sage Pay products are a great way to make payment processing that much easier.

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