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Avaya IP Office Phone System Review


Avaya Phone System Review 1Avaya is a US-founded communications company that provides a vast array of business communication solutions to over 120,000 businesses worldwide. As a leader in cloud-based communications, they are the perfect solution for businesses looking for a phone system.



Avaya Phone System Products & Solutions


Avaya Phone System Review 2

Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office is a flexible, all-in-one communication solution that can be rolled out to businesses of 5 to 5000 employees. The solution covers all basic telephony requirements including voicemail, call forwarding, auto attendant, and call forwarding.


Avaya Desktop Telephones

Avaya 1608 IP telephone  Avaya

An ideal phone designed for everyday business use. Perfect for the office, conference, reception, or meeting rooms the Avaya 1608 IP phone has all the features required to suit your communication needs.


1408 IP telephone


Affordable digital handset for the everyday business telephone user who receives several calls a day. It is easy to use, and feature-rich with call transfer, logging,  hold, built-in speakerphone, and much more.


Reviews From Customers on 8/10


*We usually grab our reviews from Trustpilot but at the time of writing could not see Avaya’s company profile there however we found many on Trustraduis.  Avaya has hugely favorable reviews on there with users happy with the level of product and service they receive from the company.


Avaya is used departmentally within the organization. We use it for interdepartmental communication, and external calling, our sales team uses it extensively for conference calls and dialing internationally. It provides an extremely crisp and clear connection and we depend on it quite a bit to ensure our calls go smoothly when speaking with clients.”  – Ali


“Avaya is who we use for all our VOIP and telecom. They were also who we used for our network switches, but that is now Extreme Networking. Our organization has been using Avaya ever since we went to VOIP. It has provided a very reliable and high-quality VOIP experience for us. Going to VOIP has made us more agile and provided great improvements to our end users for their telecom.” – Ryan



Avaya provides stable and highly reliable phone systems which are perfect for small businesses. The Avaya phone system is highly flexible and can be scaled to meet your business needs as well as increase productivity. Tailored to fit all employees from those who only require basic capabilities to more mobile and power users the IP office can be scaled from 5 users to 5,000 users and can be seen in businesses throughout the UK.