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SumUp Review: SumUp Air Card Reader & SumUp 3G Card Reader


SumUp Card Reader Review 1Are you a business looking for an easy way to take card payments? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Within this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of the SumUp Card Reader.



SumUp is one of Europe’s leading mobile card reader providers. With their unique card reader businesses can use their mobile or tablet to accept card payments anywhere. Launched in 2012 SumUp has now expanded into 31 countries and continues to grow. With hundreds of thousands of small businesses using SumUp to take card payments, it is fast becoming the card payment solution of choice.



Founder Daniel Klein started SumUp to disrupt the payment industry and make it easy for businesses to take card payments.



Merger with Payleven Card Reader

In April 2016 mobile card reader provider Payleven merged with SumUp. The combined company kept the trading name SumUp.




SumUp Air Card Reader

The SumUp Air Card Reader accepts both card and contactless payments allowing businesses to take payments quickly and effectively from customers. The device retails at £29 and is delivered within a week of ordering.




SumUp Card Reader Review 2The SumUp 3G Card Reader is a great solution for small businesses that want to start accepting credit and debit card payments from customers. The device looks and feels great. It is compact and allows you to take payments from anywhere. The SumUp 3G Card Reader will process transactions via a 3G network powered by the device’s built-in sim card. The device is priced at £99 and is shipped within 3-5 working days after you place an order.


“Let your customers choose the way they want to pay. Whether it’s via Chip and PIN, a tap of their card or phone, you’ll never have to turn a customer away.” -SumUp



What are the SumUp Card Reader Costs & Fees

The SumUp Air card reader can be bought for a one-off price of £29 whilst the SumUp 3G card reader is priced at £99. There is no rental contract to tie businesses on either card reader. They also both come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  There are no monthly fees associated with using the mobile SumUp card reader however there is a transaction fee of 1.69% on each transaction. Payments taken by a business are usually settled within 2-3 days.


Where can I get the SumUp App?

SumUp provides an app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. Once you download the SumUp app you will need to log in with your email address login and password. Once logged in you simply have to follow the easy setup instructions to connect and sync the card reader with your phone or tablet.  You are provided with dashboard and reporting features in the app at no extra cost. SumUp also provides free telephone and email support.



There are lots of reasons as to why you should be using the SumUp  Card Reader. First and foremost, it is secure, reliable and makes taking business card payments easy. The SumUp Card Reader is highly efficient and professional, which ensures that all businesses are fully satisfied with every use. It has been carefully designed with a full set of top-class features such as NFC, Bluetooth and an integrated Li-ion battery.



The SumUp Card Reader has proven to provide the best experience for both customers and merchants. No matter what type of payment you are after, or how you made that money, you can transfer money easily from customer to your business in a few simple steps.


The SumUp Card Reader has been carefully designed so that looks and feels amazing. Instead of a number pad, the Card Reader has a similar feel to a touch screen, meaning that the user’s experience is proven to be well-balanced and professional.


For years, the SumUp Card Reader has proven to be a success for businesses as it allows for immediate transactions to be made. With new NFC technology, the SumUp Card Reader is a great competitor against other products currently on the market.




The SumUp Card Reader is highly recommended for any small or medium-sized business.

By using the SumUp Card Reader, you will be able to accept payments from the majority of credit cards, including:

  • Mastercard;
  • Visa;
  • Maestro;
  • American Express;
  • JCB;
  • UnionPay;
  • Contactless;
  • Apple Pay;
  • Discover;
  • Google Pay.

The Card Reader comes highly recommended for small businesses that want to make their business function more efficiently.


SumUp Card Reader Review 3


Below we have outlined a few key features about the Card Reader, which hopefully sway your decision with regards to purchasing the ultimate SumUp Card Reader.


The Card Reader uses an OLED display which allows it easy to see the screen no matter where you are.

The SumUp Air Card Reader uses an NFC antenna for contactless cards so that customers can quickly tap their card down to make a payment.


The Card Reader uses a capacitive keypad which allows for easy usage. The delicate device for been carefully designed to ensure that it is easy to select the numbers and other buttons.


The SumUp Air Card Reader allows businesses to make quick transactions. This ensures that customers are not left waiting for a device to load or work.


The SumUp Air Card Reader accepts the majority of credit cards and contactless payments to ensure that you can receive payments from all of your customers.



The SumUp Card Reader has received the following certification from professional bodies

  • PCI PTS V4.0 Certified, SRED
  • EMV Level 1 & Level 2 certificates
  • Mastercard Pay Pass, Visa Pay Wave, American Express Expresspay
  • MasterCard TQM
  • MasterCard TIP, Visa ADVT certified
  • Visa Ready certified


What do SumUp customers think of their services?

SumUp has an excellent 4.5/5 review on Trustpilot. Their motto states SumUp is “A Better Way To Get Paid” and their card reader solutions are pleasing their customers. Below are a few positive reviews you can find on Trustpilot.


“This company was recommended by a friend as she uses it. I ordered an Air Card Reader from them and expected delivery within 3 days it didn’t come so I contacted the company by email, they were extremely responsive by email, apologised and delivered the product to me within a couple of days. I am extremely happy with the company and I am very happy with the product. I will be recommending them to all my business associates.” – Bare Beauty


“After a lot of research on card readers, I decided to go for SumUp due to the simplicity of use and easy reading of the website. Clear pricing and good customer service second to none.” – Adrian


“SumUp has proved to be the number 1 card payment system for me and many of my friends both in the taxi industry and the retail industry. I have used other systems but all proved problematic. A reliable system like SumUp is brilliant. Easy to use, fast payments to the bank or SumUp card and great customer service. My passengers love it and so do I.” – Keith (Taxi Driver)




The SumUp Air Card Reader can be yours for a great price of £29. The more expensive SumUp 3G Card Reader will cost you £99 and will allow you to take payments conveniently via the 3G network. Both card readers would make an excellent mobile card payment solution for small businesses.