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Takepayments Merchant Accounts Review


Takepayments Merchant Accounts Review - Perfect for SMEs 1







Takepayments Merchant Accounts Review - Perfect for SMEs 2





Serving over 45,000 businesses in the UK Takepayments (formerly known as Payzone) is a leading UK card payments provider. Takepayment was started by payments industry expert Clive Kahn who was the former CEO of Cardsave (now part of the Worldpay group)


Getting a merchant account with takepayments (Payzone) allows your business to:-

  • Accept card payments in-store, on the go, or online.
  • Process credit, debit, and contactless payments safely and securely on all major providers such as:
    • Mastercard
    • Visa
    • American Express 
    • Maestro
    • Android Pay 
    • Google Pay
  • Prevent fraud



What service does Takepayments Provide?


Takepayments offers credit card terminal solutions that are perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Clients who sign up for Payzone are connected to a third-party merchant account provider who processes the payments. This is usually Barclaycard. The benefit of using a payment provider such as Takepayments is that as experts in the field. They can negotiate better fees with the merchant account provider (Barclaycard) that you would get from going direct. With Takepayments (Payzone) you are connected with an expert payment specialist on signup who will help you find the right card machine and negotiate card processing fees on your behalf. They can help merchants new to cards or looking to switch from their current merchant account provider.


Takepayments Ltd Website


Takepayments Face to Face Card Payment Solutions


Their card terminal provided are equipped with the latest security and are provided by Ingenico. All card machines provided accept contactless payments. This allows customers to tap and pay for items valued over up to £30. They are also all enabled to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay (Andriod Pay)


Countertop Card Terminal – sits on your till and is connected by phone line or broadband it is the perfect solution for businesses that take payments face to face such as cafes, supermarkets, and newsagents.


Portable Card Machine – Allows you to take payments around your premises. Perfect for businesses that want to make payments to their customers such as restaurants.


Mobile Card Machine – Perfect for businesses on the go. Ideal for tradesmen, and exhibitions where you need to take card payments.


All card machines provided by Takepayment (Payzone) are PCI compliant and meet the latest standards required to enable safe and secure payments. The card machines are suitable for:

  • Restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, taxi drivers, tradesmen, self-employed, trade fairs, newsagents, small businesses, startups, and many more.


Takepayments Merchant Accounts Review - Perfect for SMEs 3


Takepayments offer several online payment solutions also:


Payment Gateway: Compatible with over 50 UK shopping carts this is the perfect solution for any small business or startup that wants to accept payment online or through an app. Their Payment Gateway is simple to use and with flexible customisation which allows you to change to look and feel to match your brand. You do not have to worry about online security as the gateway uses SSL certification and 3D secure technology to limit credit card fraud.


Pay By Link: this allows you to accept payments by sending a customised link to customers by email.


Phone Payments: Accept payments by phone with a virtual terminal. All you have to do is enter your customer’s card details into a secure page whilst on the phone with them.


Takepayments Cost & Fees For Small Business


Little is mentioned by Takepayments about pricing. They state many times on their website that they offer tailored solutions and negotiate the best merchant services rates for your small business. They do however state there are no joining or exit fees when you use them which is a benefit. Also, their contract terms are 12 months which is great in today’s as it ensures you are not tied up in a long-term contract of 2 years or longer.


What do Takepayments customers think of their service?


Takepayments are the fastest-growing card payment company in the UK and are showing no signs of slowing down. They have a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot which can be hugely attributed to the excellent customer support their customers receive.


Trustpilot Reviews 

“Good pricing, always reply to emails, etc., helpful support – Amy Hargrave who called this morning re. a new installation was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly.


So often with Merchant Service companies, there are hidden fees and clauses – not found anything of this nature with Payzone and it’s been over 2 years.”


“Thanks, Lewis Board for helping me with my question to do with payzone and Xero, the service I got was 110% and the help you gave me is going to let my business grow. Thanks again.”


Takepayments Google Reviews

Takepayments also has a favorable 4.2 rating on Google Reviews. Most customers are impressed with the personal touch, customer service and non-pushy sales team who help merchants get started.


“I have been helped by H**** Coulam today. She was very pleasant to talk to and went out of her way to make sure everything got sorted. Thank you very much for the fantastic customer service H****!” – Magyar Taxis


“Just had a lovely conversation with D***** Adams. Very helpful and polite in helping with my PCI compliance for my salon. Efficient and professional. Also helped with my other business.” – Sunny K

Quotehunt Rating – 4/5

Overall we think Takepayments is a good choice for any business that is looking for a merchant account provider to take payments. They only work with SMEs and pride themselves in providing a personal touch to help your business save time and money by making the right payment choices. Their card machine solutions offer everything any small business will need to take payments and based on reviews from actual customers their team excels in support. Their phone number is transparent on their website. They are a UK-based team who are available Monday to Sunday during working hours. Support is provided on the phone or online.


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