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Transax Merchant Services review


Transax started in 1986 and have since grown to be one of the biggest independent payments specialists in the UK. With great expertise, they are now part of the FIS Worldpay group and are the largest global provider in card payment in the world. 


Currently, Transax Merchant Services serve 18000 merchants in the UK, Ireland and France and enable 2 million transactions to happen every day in over 80000 locations.


As an independent merchant account provider, their rates are very competitive. You can also be reassured that they have great service. 


Catering for small businesses in the last 30 years they pride themselves in providing their customers with efficient card machines.  Transax Merchant Services’ wide range of card machine terminals will suit all different types of businesses. 


The countertop card machine is ideal for businesses who want to take payments on the till. It is a fast and reliable payment method which means shop queues will be shortened at the counter.


The portable card machine is perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars and cafes. It allows the business to take the card machine to the customer.


A mobile card machine will allow you to take payments from anywhere in the UK.  They work anywhere there is a mobile GPRS signal and are ideal for sole traders and small businesses that want to take payments on the go.



Transax Merchant Services Trustpilot Reviews


The company has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Trustpilot. Below is what customers have to say.


“I am very happy with Transax Service, The best I have used so far. The main thing about this company compared with others is all transactions through card machines will get money in my account the next day, even the weekends. The charges are very competitive and good savings to my business” – Joby

“Transax has saved me money on my credit card transactions & has been of great help with moving me out of my previous contact. He is always on hand & nothing is too much trouble for him. First-class device thank you” – Paul



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