gps vehicle tracking for vans

Increase Your Business Profits with a Vehicle Tracking System


Many UK companies have the right idea.  They have been introducing vehicle tracking to their businesses in order to track fleets.  This also helps lower the operating costs the company is subjected to.  Vehicle tracking systems are one way to survive in the current recession.  By using vehicle tracking you can maximise your operation helping drivers to become more efficient as well as saving your company money.

The tracking system is based on GPS technology.  The truck has a GPS locator which sends a signal to the satellite, which in turn sends the signal to the office or tracking centre.  This information is then converted into reports and a blip on the map to help the office staff locate and monitor the vehicle.  In this way the company is able to get accurate information on location, driver performance, and any other information needed regarding the truck’s movements.  The users of the vehicle tracking are also able to log on via any web connection to monitor their fleet.  You, as the owner, can take a vacation and still know where everyone is.

The system has real time information that is sent, but it can also record a history of information. The history can be studied for patterns such as stopping at a non work related location instead of getting to the client immediately. It allows you to see the driver is planning effectively for their trips.  You are also able to track the mileage making sure the driver is taking the shortest, quickest route and not sticking you with a higher mileage unnecessarily.

Almost all of the vehicle tracking systems available have alerts that are sent to you about the movement of the vehicle.  You can control which alerts you are sent and how they are sent.  For example, if you want to be notified via mobile phone at night if a vehicle moves you can set up that alert.  The alerts can tell you about the driver speed, excessive idling, unauthorised movements, and other options.  This function will help you save money in your company.  The alerts are always real time.

Overall, the vehicle tracking system provides an insight into your drivers.  The planning and activities that they do while away from the office is always there for you.  The managers of the system will then be able to deal with the drivers causing issues and reward those who are highly productive.  Tracking systems ensure your company has increased productivity.  You will also benefit from lower fuel costs, lower insurance premiums, and issues with stolen vehicles.

A stolen vehicle can be hard to recover unless you act quickly.  The vehicle tracking allows you to act as soon as the truck moves.  The police are able to track it before it reaches the chop shop.  With the added security measures on the vehicle the insurance companies also love to give you a break.  Thus you get a discount for having vehicle tracking on your entire fleet from the insurance company.