Masternaut Vehicle Tracking and Telematics Review


Masternaut Vehicle Tracking Company Overview



Masternaut Vehicle Tracking Review 1Masternaut is one of Europe’s biggest providers of fleet vehicle tracking telematics. They are the number 1 provider in the UK and provide connected vehicle tracking solutions for fleet tracking, optimisation, workflow management, and driver safety and route optimisation. Masternaut is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and is backed by 150 UK-based staff members who are ready to give you fast, effective advice. Customer assistance is available 24/7  365 days a year.


Masternaut Tracking Product Features


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Vehicle tracking – monitor vehicles and fleets in real-time to ensure you know where all your vehicles are with a reliable GPS tracking solution.


Masternaut Connect provides an intuitive management platform that takes tracking insights and turns in into actionable insights and reports for fleet managers. You are able to view your fleets live, check historic location, and journey data and optimise operations.


Driving behaviour solutions from Masternaut aims to boost performance across fleets, improve driver safety and increase overall efficiency.


Cold chain tracking is a Masternauts hardware and analytics solution which aims to simplify operations and regulatory governance. Never be worried about breaking compliance regulations again with easy-to-access reports to integrate with fleet tracking.


Other offerings include telematics solutions for all your vehicles, incident management, and fuel card offerings to help you save money on fuel.


Masternaut Tracking Price Plans 

Masternaut offers affordable vehicle tracking solutions. From their website you can see their 3 main packages are:


Masternaut Go 

Entry-level telematic solution pricing starts from £5.99 per month per vehicle plus a £40 activation fee.

Features: Live vehicle tracking, historic journey, and mileage reporting, speeding reports by drivers, and a mobile application to conduct vehicle check-in real-time.


Masternaut Connect

Flagship fleet and asset tracking solution. Price starts from £10 per month per vehicle.  

Features: Live vehicle tracking and journey recording, geofencing, live alerts, driver behavior and scoring with rankings, mileage reports, driver timesheets, vehicle utilisation, and 20-plus customisable reports.


Masternaut Connect Pro Edition

Starting from £14 a month per vehicle the Pro Edition has the following features and options for businesses who want a full solution.

Features: Advanced CAN data; fuel, idling, maintenance, In Cab device: driver ids, coaching, and privacy, Advanced inputs: I/O, tachograph, cold chain, specialised vehicles.

Additional Masternaut vehicle tracking add-on features are available on all three packages at an added cost: Fuel cards, Driver ID, Auxiliary Input, and Panic Button.



Masternaut Trustpilot Rating

*At the time of this review, Masternaut does not have a review page on Trustpilot.


Verdict on Masternaut Vehicle Tracking

Masternaut offers solid real-time tracking to its telematic solution. Masternaut Connect is a powerful fleet management solution that is built with commercial fleets in mind. Masternaut has vast experience in vehicle tracking and serves over 10,000 customers across Europe.


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