Top 20 UK Vehicle & Fleet Tracking Providers for Small Businesses (Updated 2022)


In this article we discuss some of the benefits of vehicle tracking and provide our top 20 vehicle tracking providers in the UK. Realtime business vehicle tracking allows you to track your fleets and vehicles. Through the use of  GPS satellite businesses can pinpoint the location of your vehicles through software provided by their vehicle tracking provider.


You have probably read our other articles on fleet tracking and vehicle tracking and now want to know the all important cost. Well steady on, there are many different providers out there, all with vastly different functionality, prices and customer service.


The advice is to first of all shop around. Not shop around for the cheapest vehicle tracking system, that is likely to not give you the best experience of fleet tracking systems. Instead focus on price, how much you’re getting for that price (quantity of features) and what other people say about the company (quality).


We have compiled a step by step guide of what to look for and the top 20 vehicle tracking device providers in our opinion after comparing vehicle tracking solutions.


There is also another option, but we will get to that right at the end.


What to look for in a vehicle tracking system?


As an absolute minimum you will want a vehicle tracking system to do 3 basic functions. Realtime route tracking, route mapping and traffic updates. If a provider offers you packages without these features or less than these features, then ask how much it is with them added on or look elsewhere.


These are the 3 basic components of any vehicle tracking system.


So that’s the minimum quantity of features taken care of. Now cost. Well, if you’re leasing then you may find that this is a tax deductible expense (check local tax rules) so this might be appealing. In our experience though, even top vehicle tracking leasing packages should not exceed £25 per vehicle per month. You should budget around £15-£20 per vehicle per month and try and get as many features in that budget with a well-respected provider.


If you are buying the equipment outright then you can expect to pay up to around £350 per vehicle, with some lower end equipment being as cheap as £150 per vehicle. If you have a sizable fleet this is going to be considerable outlay and is unlikely to be tax deductible. Getting the best equipment on a fleet of 50 vehicles is a cool £17,500. Bear that in mind when deciding to lease or buy.


Last but not least is quality. So, we will introduce you to our top 20 vehicle tracking providers now.



Compare Vehicle and Fleet tracking providers 

Our top 20 vehicle tracking providers for small  and mediums sized businesses


1.     Fleetmatics (now known as Verizon Connect)

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 1




Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 2




One of the simpler providers offering vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions through its own software “Fleetmatics Reveal”. They are used widely across fleets both domestically and in the US. With a simple and interactive system that even the most out of touch transport managers can get their heads around Fleetmatics excels at getting the basic information you need at a great value cost. The bundles are fully customisable, so you can arrange your fleet tracking system to have the features you need and do away with the ones you don’t. We like Fleetmatics’ straightforward approach. Combined with their user popularity they make the to 5 easily.


2.     Masternaut

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 3







Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 4



Masternaut works to pile on as many useful features as possible and helps transport managers isolate problems as the fleet is rolling. They are also the largest and most popular vehicle tracking system provider in the UK. Not quite as smart as the Movolytics tech, Masternaut focus instead on providing you with the tools and information to join the dots yourself. They also have an innovative driver leaderboard system whereby your drivers can compete to be the most fuel efficient, productive etc. This feature has actually been shown to improve driver safety and reduce fuel consumption so perhaps Masternaut realised they needn’t tell your drivers they are at fault, instead they incentivise them to do what they always could do.


Check out our Masternaut review here


3.     Quartix


Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 5






Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 6





Another inhouse developer, Quartix aims to integrate their tech with other great pieces of software. Quartix seamlessly integrates with Google Maps and offers the same features as Fleetmatics. They are perhaps the easiest of the big 5 to use and they are certainly one of the cheapest. If you are looking to lease a vehicle tracking solution and want a reputable but cheap provider then Quartix will likely be the one that comes in under the £15 per vehicle per month price budget we mentioned earlier. Bargain!


Check out our Quartrix review here


4.     TeletracNavman

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 7





Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 8



In 2015 two very large and reputable companies merged to form TeletracNavman. They then launched their cloud based gps vehicle tracking software a slightly sinister sounding “DIRECTOR” which gives a wealth of features. Like Novolytics and Masternaut, TeletracNavman gives you all of the information about your vehicles that you could possibly want. They are all about promoting their industry leading reputation and have notable clients singing their praises, BMW, Virgin and Domino’s to name a few. If you want the system that all the big boys are using, then TeletrecNavman is probably the one for you. They aren’t fantastically competitive on price so bear that in mind when costing up.


With 25 years in telematic and vehicle tracking Teletrac Navman offer solutions to businesses to help them boost their revenue and lower their overall operating costs. Via equipping businesses with location tracking, fuel monitoring, safety and compliance tools under the same platform they currently track over 500,000 vehicles worldwide and are one of the largest fleet tracking providers. 



5.     Movolytics

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 9




Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 10




Movolytics use their inhouse developed software “movoGO” to record all of the data you could possibly want. Packages include vehicle tracking, fleet management software, fuel management and driver safety software. Not only does it give you all of this information but it draws smart tech conclusions from its own data. By taking fuel management figures and correlating it with the driver safety data it can tell you where your drivers need to improve to be more fuel efficient. If you’re fastidious about fuel and pride yourself on making that diesel go that extra mile the Movolytics is your best bet. They are extremely accurate with their fuel data and the software pinpoints all the areas to improve to reduce your fuel expenditure. It is a little more complex to use than other simpler platforms but if you want a system that more than pays for itself then look no further.


6.     Tomtom Telematics (now known as Webfleet)

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 11




Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 12



TomTom Telematics is a worldwide leading supplier of telematic solutions. Specialising in vehicle and fleet management their WEBFLEET solution is used by businesses of all sizes worldwide to increase fleet and vehicle performance, increase efficiency, support drivers and save fuel along with a whole range of further features.


7.     Tracker

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 13



Since 1993 tracker have been paving the way in the field of vehicle tracking and telematics. Trackers security systems are suitable for cars, motorcycles, HGVs, LCVs as well as construction equipment. Over a million vehicles fitted with Tracker’s GPS tracking solution and they see themselves as a suitable solution to businesses of all sizes.


8.     Fleetsmart

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 14





Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 15




Fleetsmart see themselves as the number one solution for vehicle tracking. They provide flexible fleet and asset monitoring solutions and are backed by 14 years of industry leading customer service in servicing clients.


9.      Trakm8

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 16




Trakm8 provide fleet management, telematics optimisation and vehicle tracking solutions in the UK. They have over 250,000 units being tracked on their servers they are able to provide actionable insights and solutions to increase efficiency for their clients.



10.     RAM Tracking

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 17






Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 18




Founded in 2004 RAM was built on providing great customer support and technical innovation. They provide cutting edge vehicle tracking systems, dash camera and fleet management software solutions. They are trusted by over 9,500 customers and currently track around 75,000 vehicles


11.     Verizon Connect


Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 19





Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 20



Connecting the world through automation, optimisation and the way people, vehicles and things interact and move around the world. That is what Verizon Connect has been built on. With GPS vehicle tracking innovation, automation at the forefront Verizon Connect help businesses improve the safety of their clients, efficiency and productivity. 


12.     Pinpointers


Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 21




Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 22



Pinpointers have been in business for over 18 years providing vehicle tracking solutions and services. Working in a wide range of sectors they have experience in providing the right solutions for clients in automation, optimisation and efficiency.


13.     Crystal Ball

Top Vehicle Tracking Providers 23




Get realtime GPS vehicle tracking with FleetTracker. A comprehensive solution used by small businesses across the UK to reduce fuel usage, running costs, efficiency and productivity of vehicles. FleetTracker from Crystal Ball measure three key areas Time, Distance Travelled and Change in Direction.


Other vehicle tracking providers…


Now finally, our 5 admirable mentions. As mentioned earlier it really is best to formulate your own opinion of a company and also figure out if the features and price match up to your expectations. With that in mind 5 other companies to do our window shopping with are ramTracking, Greenroad, CrystalBall, AMS and Chameleon. All have very sound offerings and great pricing to match so it would be foolish to just shop. Our list was selected purely for innovative ideas or practicality, but other providers all have their own unique points that may just be right up your street.


We also said there was another way, you can buy vehicle tracking equipment yourself. We briefly outlined the cost of purchasing, and also mentioned it may not be tax deductible (always check with your local tax office) but buying the equipment and installing it can save you a fortune in the long run. Say you equip each vehicle at the cost of £350 compared to a £20 a month lease it would only take 3 years before you are better off having purchased the equipment compared to a lease. Remember though, buying doesn’t make your equipment time proof, the tech will be updated significantly over several years so keep that in mind.

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